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 Task for Week Three: Character Analysis

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PostSubject: Task for Week Three: Character Analysis    Wed Oct 06, 2010 1:25 pm

Character Analysis: Respond to one of the statements below.

1. Linda is the real victim of the play.
2. Willy is a tragic hero.

Having finished the play your task is to look back through both Acts and the Requiem and create a critical analysis of either Linda or Willy. You should cite at least three moments throughout the play that demonstrate/prove your argument but this should not be narrative summary- it is analysis.
You should look at how you feel the character is received by the audience based on what flaws they have, and what positive traits. Are they realistic? Do we feel sympathy for them? Do we blame them?
Remember that we are refering to audience reaction, not to ourselves as readers. Also consider the writer's craft- how has Miller manipulated us to feel this way.
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Nicolás Delorenzo

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PostSubject: Re: Task for Week Three: Character Analysis    Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:27 pm

Question: Linda is the real victim of the play.

On the play Death of a Salesman Miller shows us the protagonist Willy Loman and all his tragedy but at the end who is really the victim of this tragedy is Linda her wife. She is the victim in certain ways because of her love to Willy, her personality and for always believing on Willy’s lies. With this three things Miller want to show us the audience that the actions lies on Willy but the tragedy is above him and lies on the people that are related to him specially on Linda.

Firstly Linda had an unconditional love for Willy and she always cared about him, for example when Willy was feeling bad, she feels bad and when Willy need something, she gave it to him. As we can see on the quote on the first part of act one: “But you’re sixty years old. They can’t expect you to keep traveling every week.” Here we can see how Linda is always trying to help and cheer up Willy. This shows that she had constantly had to do these types of thing and get tired and stressed because of Willy, but he doesn’t seem to notice all this love she has for him and keeps cheating on her. Miller showing this part of the character of Linda that makes us feel sympathy for her.

Also her personality make her suffer this tragedy because the never had the strength to face Willy and tell him to stop trying to kill himself. Linda often was very hard with her children and had no problem on saying them that they had to go if they continue making bad to Willy but with Willy Miller show us a different Linda, a much more weak Linda. For example she got very mad with Biff and Happy when the left Willy in the restaurant but the never had the strength to tell Willy to stop attempting to suicide. This is why her personality changes makes Linda suffer a lot because she couldn’t stop Willy what make her suffer.

Finally what helps Linda’s tragedy is that she believes all what Willy said. This makes her feel Willy was successful and well known what wasn’t true and she realizes this on his funeral when she says: “Why didn’t anybody come?” here we can see how the thought that Willy was something that he wasn’t. This contributed to the idea that Linda is trapped on Willy’s lies and can’t do anything to avoid them, this also show she is trapped on this tragedy and can’t go away of it.

In conclusion Linda is trapped in the suffer of the lost of a husband that she couldn’t do anything to avoid it and that only had make her suffer, that why we say that this is the story of Linda’s tragedy not Willy. The author also makes us think that because he makes us have more sympathy for Linda than Willy.
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Francisco Rencoret

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PostSubject: Character Analysis   Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:41 pm

Linda is the real victim of the play mainly because although Willy is the one who dies and is present almost all the time in the stage, Linda is the one that is constantly suffering and helping or protecting Willy . Linda was always supporting Willy and she was the person that always believed that Willy was very successful and that he was very respected. In the play, we can clearly see it in the Requiem because when only the family appeared in the funeral, Linda was wondering why did not all the people that had him respect went. This explains that Linda is always believing Willy lies so she is trapped in the world of Willy that she cannot get out. Miller does this to explain that Linda is trying to escape from this lies, but his infinite love for Willy wont let her go.

Also Linda is the victim of the play because she is shown as a very strong character when she is with the kids, but when she talks to Willy she is not able to maintain that physiological strength. This means that Linda is always supporting Willy and that she is suffering because she cannot argue about nothing with Will because she loves him too much. You can see this in the story because Linda is able to get mad at Happy and Biff when they left Willy in the restaurant, but she is not able to say to Willy that he does not need to suicide. This shows us that Linda is not able to stop Willy from suicide so that makes her suffer something that is not from her.

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Matías Christiansen

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PostSubject: Re: Task for Week Three: Character Analysis    Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:10 pm

Statement: Willy is a tragic hero

Arthur Miller's, "Death of a Salesman," shows the development and structure that leads up to the suicide of a tragic hero, Willy Loman.

The first problem which occurs in Act One, is when the reader finds that Willy put his whole life into his sons, Biff and Happy, and they turned their backs on him. Willy always believed that biff would be this great, successful bussinessman and it turned out that Biff is still searching to find himself, which disappoints Willy in the worst way. The conflicts between Willy and Biff are very deep. It all started when Biff was younger and he had failed his math class. He traveled to Boston to visit Willy, who was on a business trip. He was told that he had let Willy down and comes to find out that Willy is with another woman. Biff leaves and never takes that math class over. Willy felt guilty about this and believes that deep insde that he is responsible for Biffs choices in life and his failure to be successful. This conflict makes Willy weak and guilty, which stays with him.

The second thing that destroys Willy is his aging. By getting older he can't do the things he used to do. His aging affects his work because he is not the salesman he once was. He is not making enough money to support his wife, Linda, and himself. Being sixty, Willy is getting too old for the traveling he does for his work. Willy asks his boss Howard for a raise and Howard fires him. Willy is really worn out and Howard knows this. This situation in the end, destroys Willy's pride and he could never ask his sons for money.

The last problem at the end of Act Two, is the conflict between Willy and Biff. Biff finally wants to get everything straight and clear with his father. Biff shows Willy the rubber tube that Willy wants to kill himself with. An argument starts up from this and Biff tries to explain that he was never what Willy wanted him to be. Willy realizes that Biff loves him, even if he isn't the best person. This last situation has totally broken Willy down to a very tired man and he believes that his life is totally finished.

The play concludes in a tragic end when Willy leaves the house and crashes his car to end his life. With all the failing attempts, this time it had been successful.

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Francisca Fuchs

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PostSubject: Re: Task for Week Three: Character Analysis    Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:36 pm

Question: Linda is the real victim of the play

Linda Loman, from Death of a Salesman, is a very complex character. She is a caring mother but on top of all a loving wife. She would do anything to defend Willy. Throughout the play she struggles with his husband’s (Willy) suicidal thoughts, irrationality, unfaithfulness and self-deluded hopes for future glory, but at other time she seems more ‘together’ to stand up for their family and less fragile than Willy. She knows that Willy is struggling to pay bills and more than once has tried to kill him. Nevertheless she is still there for him, to encourage him and protect him at all costs.

Linda is a character driven by fear and desperation. She plays along with Willy’s fantasies, affairs and the rest of his dreams and hopes because she fears and is desperate by the idea of losing him, because she loves him too much and is scared to be left alone.

As much as Willy struggles to keep afloat, Linda is there too comfort him and telling him that everything is going to be okay. Willy is seen as the victim in this play but I think that Linda is the real victim of Arthur Miller’s play. We can see this because as Willy is gone the one that is still suffering is Linda, she is trapped in this fantasy of Willy but she is sane and struggles to keep Willy in shape and protect him from himself.

In conclusion Linda is trapped with a irrational, suicidal and not mentally stable husband. During the play the Arthur Miller concentrates Willy, making us feel sorry for him and his situation, which ended with his death. After this we realize that the real victim is not Willy, for struggling to keep on track, but Linda, who since a long time has tried to keep thing to herself because she was scared of the reactions that Willy could or couldn’t have because she loved him too much and didn’t want to end up alone. Finally the inevitable happens, Willy commits suicide. As much as she tried to deny what was happening and tried to avoid it, she ends up alone, which makes her the real victim of the play.
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Emilia Valenzuela

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PostSubject: Re: Task for Week Three: Character Analysis    Wed Oct 13, 2010 9:02 pm

Linda is the real victim of the play

On the play “Death of a Salesman”, Miller creates Willy Loman as the protagonist of the play, showing all his tragedy, but at the end, the real victim of the play is Linda, his wife, because of the love she had toward Willy, always helping him, supporting him and constantly suffering because of him and the problems he has.

Linda loves Willy in extreme, always cared for him. She does everything to satisfy her husband in every way possible, for example she says to Willy “ill make you a sandwich” at the start of act 1, when Willy arrives home very late after a exhausting day at work. She does everything she can to make him happier. She does this often, showing compassion for him, and demonstrates all her love, but often, Willy doesn’t notice about this and he betrays her with a woman in Boston.

She also has to struggle between the relationships of her sons, especially Biff, and her husband, trying always to solve their problems, being in the middle of the discussion. In one point, during act 1, after a discussion between Biff and Willy, Linda tells her son, “He’s the dearest man in the world to me, and I won’t have anyone making him feel unwanted and low and blue”. Here we see how Linda chooses one side of the fight, she defends Willy instead of her son. We can also notice about the love she feels towards Willy, defending him in every sense.

She is also trapped on Willy’s lies, he told her he was known throughout the country, very liked by people, but at the funeral nobody came, she said “Why didn’t anybody come?”. We can see that Willy wasn’t true to Linda, he create an image of himself, which didn’t go together with reality.

As a conclusion, Linda is trapped on a fake world Willy created, affected by the power of her love she felt towards Willy, and by the relationship of her sons and her husband. She had to deal with every problem according to Willy and the house problems.
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Trinidad Campusano

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PostSubject: Re: Task for Week Three: Character Analysis    Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:47 pm

Linda is the real victim of the play.

Even though the main character and the one that appearsthe most on stage is Willy, I think that Linda is the real victim of this play. She is the one who cares about Willy and protects him. She really loves him and wants the best for him. She does everything she can to make him feel happy and comfortable. When she says 'should i sing to you?' we see that this is true, that she would do whatever for Willy to be happy.

She also has to suffer because of her sons that keep bringing her troubles. She also tries to protect them, but if they fight with Willy, she will go on his side rather than the boys.

The troubles and nerves that Willy gives her are what make her worry so much about. She is a good wife, and it is really hard for her to life with a husband that is mentally insane and is trying to commit suicide, and tow boys that don't do very much and aren't successful at all.

Linda is the real victim of the play because she has to go through a lot of struggles eventhough she is not tha main character. She wouldn't have to go through such struggles if she had the courage to talk to Willy about this and try to solve it.
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tomas silva.

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PostSubject: Re: Task for Week Three: Character Analysis    Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:35 pm

Linda is the real victim of the play:

The audience can see that Willy is the main character of the play, but the most affected person in the play is Linda. She always taked care of all the family, especially the care of Willy. She is the real victim because of all the suffering she tooked of caring of Willy and now Willy is dead.

She never had the courage to confront Willy and his problems, because she was scared. She had always admired Willy. But, her sons always kept bringing problems into Willy so he gets more angry.

In the requiem, we could see that Linda is asking herself why the people who respected Willy didn't come to his funeral. This shows how Linda is surprised of Willy's life.
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PostSubject: Re: Task for Week Three: Character Analysis    

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Task for Week Three: Character Analysis
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