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 week 3 task

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PostSubject: week 3 task   week 3 task Icon_minitimeTue Oct 12, 2010 10:54 pm

I think Williams' main objective of writing this novel, is precisely, to criticise the way in which women behave themselves at the moment of sharing with their partnership. He suggest, women should be more independent, and not being treated with unfairness, as we can clearly imagine when making a comparison with an alpha male. This idea might alude to society in those times, clearly making the audience, specially male, realise that female should have the same rights as man, and not be abused by their respective alpha male, which will probably take advantage of their arrogance and power to use their wife as slaves. According to the play, we can appreciate Blanch is in a better position than Stella, thanks to her job, rather than staying at home like Stella. On the other hand, Stanley embodies a notorious alpha male, with all the conditions needed mainly power and passion.
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week 3 task
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